Quality Certifications

JAS-ANZ ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 is the gold standard of quality management systems and is recognised across the globe.  Achieving ISO 9001 JAS-ANZ certification has many benefits particularly in the areas of business credibility, internal compliance, operating efficiency and effectiveness, risk management and ongoing customer satisfaction.

New business opportunities

Certification opens up new business opportunities as it is often required to tender for large contracts.   ISO 9001 certification gives you a competitive edge as it demonstrates strong corporate governance, adherence to best practise and a commitment to ongoing improvement.

iSQE works with clients to achieve certification in conjunction with the relevant JAS-ANZ certification bodies.

Alternative JAS-ANZ Quality Certification

The cost of achieving ISO 9001 JAS-ANZ certification is considerable and many small to medium-sized businesses simply cannot afford the audit fee expenses which is where iSQE can step in to help.

iSQE Quality Conformance Statements (Non-JAS-ANZ)

As certified auditors and compliance specialists, iSQE can work with your organisation to plan and implement a quality management system (QMS).  The QMS will have all the same elements as the ISO system in terms of a quality manual, risk management systems, operating processes, procedures and checklists; but you’ll be issued with a quality conformance statement rather than JAS-ANZ endorsed certificate.

Huge Cost Savings

Conformance statements, authorised by recognised certified auditors, gives small businesses the all-important stamp of approval in terms of quality management at a fraction of the cost of full JAS-ANZ certification.

Transitioning From Compliance to JAS-ANZ Certification (Third Party)

When iSQE assist with your implementation of your quality management system (QMS), the business can demonstrate a robust quality framework and excellent quality credentials to potential clients.   If ISO 9001 third party JAS-ANZ certification is required in the future, transitioning to this is relatively simple and straightforward.  Our consultants and auditors can help prepare you for and obtain JAS-ANZ certification through the relevant certification bodies.

Department of Industry and Transport (DIT)

DIT South Australia has a tiered prequalification compliance system which one tier allows for small businesses to compete in DIT tenders without having JAS-ANZ ISO 9001 certification.  iSQE is a DIT recognised for this particular small business tier and issues conformance statements.

iSQE can provide Quality Management Systems for all of the tiers and obtain quotes for third party JAS-ANZ certification.

Visit DIT website for exact pre-qualification requirements and information.

iSQE Quality Certification/Compliance Process

Implementing a quality management system (QMS) ensures that businesses adhere to procedures and processes to deliver predictable outcomes in terms of product and service quality.  There are 6 key steps in the process to achieve full 9001 ISO certification or a quality conformance statement.

1Initial Consultation

Implementing a quality management system (QMS) ensures that businesses adhere to procedures and processes to deliver predictable outcomes in terms of product and service quality.  There are 6 key steps in the process to achieve full 9001 ISO certification or a quality conformance statement.

2GAP Analysis or Desktop Audit

After the initial consultation, we produce a detailed report that shows how your existing systems match up to the systems required for certification.  The report highlights any areas that need work along with a detailed plan of action to achieve compliance.

3Quality Plan & Manual Plan

iSQE will work with you to tailor and markup quality manual and forms.   The quality manual is a key part of any QMS and contains an in-depth strategy for delivering quality outcomes across all areas of the business.  It describes all the systems, procedures and checklists required for the business to follow in its day-to-day operations.


A quality manual is ineffective unless the processes are embedded into all areas of the business.  iSQE works with clients to provide practical training in the implementation quality systems.  This includes the use of checklists and other documentation which form a chain of evidence to illustrate ongoing compliance.


With all the operating systems up and running the business will be audited for compliance.  Where ISO 9001 certification is required, this will be done through a JAS-ANZ 3rd party certifying body.  Where a conformance statement is required, this can be issued directly by iSQE.

6Auditing, Corrective Action and Continual Improvement

Quality certification and compliance is an ongoing process.  All businesses are required to renew their certifications or certificate of compliance annually.

When iSQE set up your QMS we’ll set up your digital footprint to ensure that all the documentation required for evidence and top-level compliance is easily accessible.  With everything available in the one registry, you’ll find both internal or external audits a breeze.

Customer Service Certification

iSQE Customer Service Certification

Customer service is a key metric for client satisfaction and iSQE can issue a separate certification for this.  The certification is not regulated by JAS-ANZ but is a specific third-party certification issued directly by iSQE.  

Service Consistency

iSQE customer service certification allows a business to demonstrate that they are committed to delivering consistent levels of customer service.  iSQE will work with your team to implement a customer service procedure that will draw on the quality principles of ISO 9001.  We will create and implement a formalised customer service plan detailing a list of key service deliverables for staff.  The system will be audited annually to ensure compliance and continual improvement.

Tick of Approval

iSQE customer service certification allows the business to use the ‘Customer Service Tick of Approval Logo’ on websites and marketing materials to show their customer service credentials.

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